How Teen Titans Go! Turned An Obscure Song Into A Billboard-Charting Hit

By Julie Muncy on at

You might have heard “The Night Begins To Shine,” the rockin’ ‘80s-styled track that’s Cyborg’s favourite song on Teen Titans Go! Turns out, the story behind the song is almost as great as the song itself.

Image: Warner Bros.

This comes courtesy of NPR, who recently recounted the whole affair for an All Things Considered segment. Here’s the short version: Teen Titans Go! is scored by music from corporate-licensed music archives, and when looking for an ‘80s-evoking track, director and producer Peter Michail fell in love with a song called “The Night Begins to Shine” by B.E.R. So he put it in the show. And everyone—the fans, the writers, even eventually Warner Brothers themselves—just ran with it.

I love how NPR puts it:

“Off that episode, people started saying, ‘What’s this song? Is this a song I’ve heard before?’” says Teen Titans Go! executive producer Michael Jelenic.

So the show’s producers decided: You know what? This song rules. B.E.R. rules. In the next season, it became Cyborg’s favorite song — even if fellow Titans didn’t agree with his taste.

And that was that. Next came fan remixes, further references in the show, and eventually, we got a four-part story arc in Teen Titans Go! about the song, a Fall Out Boy cover that frankly rules, and the song itself rising to number 23 on the Billboard Rock Charts.

For a song initially written for an archive, that’s pretty incredible. In fact, I’d say it’s downright heroic.