Ironic Cereal Cafe to Get Ironic Musical Treatment

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's Cereal Cafe, the centre of the ironic universe, is about to do something even more ironic, with plans afoot to make a stage musical production about the idea someone had of charging money for an individual bowl of cornflakes.

And in an ironic twist, the creator of the show is already planning to serve cereal at the interval. Imagine the thousands of smug, bearded faces, ironically quaffing down processed sugary grains, comparing shirt-check pattern density while Instagramming their Coco Pops.

The show's to be called Spilt Milk, and it's not got much to do with the cafe's owners themselves, as it's the idea of musical theatre creative Jacob Dorrell. Dorrell said the production is to be based around an "indie-pop-rock" score, with the show -- ironically -- referencing real-world disquiet about the cafe by featuring the character of a woman who's been made homeless by the gentrification of the cafe's Shoreditch base and its surrounds. [Standard]

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