Japanese Super Fungus Takes Hold in Our Hospitals

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists have found a new type of fungus. Ahh, how cute. They'll probably name it after David Attenborough and... no wait. This is a bad one and it already has a name.

It has a bizarre backstory to it too, as the fungus was first identified within the ear of a patient in Japan, hence the name candida auris. It's able to live both inside and outside of the body, with NHS England warning that it's now been found in 20 NHS trust hospitals where it's infected around 200 patients.

The tricky thing about it is that some patients don't display any symptoms when infected, with a sleeping case of the auris making wounds and the bloodstream more prone to infection. The other tricky thing about it is that it's already mutated into a form that's resistant to today's common antifungal treatments, meaning that a special biosafety team at Porton Down, our chemical weapon hotbed, is working on new blends of antiseptics in an effort to push it out of the country. [Sky News]

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