Knitting is Better for Your Brain Than Brain Games

By Gary Cutlack on at

Researchers looking down people's ears and examining the health of their brains have decided there's no real benefit in playing "brain games" and forcing yourself to endure endless rounds of Sudoku.

All these things do is teach you how to be better at the specific task in question, with little to no evidence linking them to better brain function in later life. You are better off doing a bit of creative writing, teaching yourself to play the ukulele off YouTube or crocheting a blanket, says the Global Council on Brain Health, as these tasks tax your decaying cells in a more rounded manner and can help stave off the grim spectre of cognitive decline.

The brain people explained: "There is insufficient evidence that improvements in game performance will improve people's overall functioning in everyday life. For example, we do not have evidence establishing that getting better at playing Sudoku will help you manage your finances any better."

Just like playing Forza doesn't necessarily make you any better at reversing into a parking place in the Tesco car park. [Sky News]

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