Lego Repackaged 120,000 Sets Because Someone Used the Wrong Shade of Grey [Updated]

By Tom Pritchard on at

Update 9/8/2017: Lego has got in touch to inform us that there was no recall involved, because the sets in question hadn't been shipped out yet. Instead they were simply repackaged with the correct grey pieces. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused

Original story follows:

When you're building a Lego set, it's pretty infuriating when you can't find the right piece that's the right colour. But what about if all the pieces were the wrong colour? Because that happened, and Lego had to recall 120,000 Lego sets as a result.

The mishap reportedly happened back in 2015, inside Lego's factory in Billund, Denmark, when one worker accidentally labelled the dark grey pieces as light grey. We're only just finding out about it now, because it didn't seem to have been mentioned by the company until it popped up in Lego's in-house magazine earlier this week. Even the product recall page of the Lego website proudly boasts that there have been no recalls since 2009.

It's not clear which exact sets were affected by the error, though the Metro claims some of them were Star Wars themed.

The recall apparently cost the brick-manufacturers more than £1.3 million, and staff were called in from leave in Hungary and Czech Republic to repack the offending sets. Nobody had to face any disciplinary action, however, with Lego instead resolving to spend £50,000 improving the lighting labelling in the factory.

At least this type of cock-up isn't all that bad. Yes people would likely be quite cross if they found their Lego sets had the wrong pieces, even if it's just a difference in colour, but at least the mix-up didn't cause them to explode. Plus, with a recorded profit of over £3.9 billion last year, it's not like the incident affected Lego's bottom line by that much. [Metro]

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