LinkedIn Launches a New Mentorship Service in a Desperate Bid to Not be Completely Pointless

By Tom Pritchard on at

For 99% of people, LinkedIn is completely pointless. The professional social network feels like little more than a digital CV and a place to add a bunch of people you don't know - who will in turn endorse you for skills they've never seen you use.

But in an attempt to be useful for something, and attract younger members, LinkedIn has announced it's launching a new mentorship service that uses 'Tinder-style' matching features. Even though there's no swiping involved. So actually it doesn't sound anything like Tinder to me.

The service apparently launched in beta last month, before being brought over to the main site yesterday. It's service is free to use, and lets users specify certain criteria so they're matched with the right type or mentor or mentee. That includes things like what kind of connection you have (first-degree, second-degree, etc). You can pair up with people on the resulting list, and from there start talking and the mentee can start gleeming some insights into their chosen career.

Helping young upstarts find some sort of professional mentor is no bad thing, and I'll admit Linkedin has the right kind of existing userbase to make it happen. Still, it's not going to be the kind of feature that magically makes the site more relevant or more useful to the vast majority of people.

The other downside is that this isn't a global thing. According to TechCrunch it's only available in San Francisco and Australia, but will sounds like it'll start rolling out elsewhere in time. [TechCrunch via The Verge]

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