Loads Of British Nerd Icons Are Teaming Up For A Weird Sci-Fi Comedy Special

By James O Malley on at

Back before the internet, all we had to make-do with was Teletext. But hey, that wasn't all bad, as deep within the depths of Channel 4's old service was the greatest games magazine that ever existed: Digitiser.

It was an amazing work of both art and journalism, and is one of the reasons I became a writer: Despite the limitations of the teletext format, every day Mr Biffo (aka writer Paul Rose) and his colleagues would deliver a round-up of the latest games news, utterly bizarre characters and some subtly risqué jokes. In fact, I've sat here for the last ten minutes trying to think of the words to adequately convey my love for Digi, but alas it feels like an almost impossible cult institution to describe if you weren't there. But rest assured, it was the best. Do you see?

Anyway, the reason I mention it is because today Mr Biffo announced the launch date for perhaps his most ambitious project yet: Mr Biffo's Found Footage.

Like Digi itself, it perhaps almost defies explanation (perhaps my taking inspiration to become a writer wasn't so wise?), but here's how the press release describes the new show:

"Mr Biffo’s Found Footage is an unprecedented and ambitious blend of comedy, surrealism and sci-fi, sprawling itself lewdly across at least half a dozen over-stuffed episodes. Trading in nostalgia as remembered though a heavily lysergic fog, there'll be parodies of old TV shows, home videos, adverts, music and cartoons… all given a deliciously analogue, VHS, rinse."

"Part-demented sketch show, part conspiracy thriller, Mr Biffo’s Found Footage purports to be the mixed-up contents of a series of old video tapes Mr Biffo purchased at a car boot sale. Upon returning home and sliding them into his VCR, he found that they were previously the property of Xenoxxxx Industries – but the more he watched, the more he was drawn into this strange and nonsensical world."

If you can't quite picture it, check out this prologue. Long time Digi readers will enjoy spotting the references - everyone else will be too busy asking "WTF?".

The new series will be posted directly to YouTube, and will conclude with an epic 30 minute sci-fi action movie shot on location at Drakelow Tunnels, an abandoned nuclear bunker, and it will apparently nod towards the likes of Blade Runner and Aliens.

Perhaps thanks to Digi's cult success, the new show will also feature a number of famous names from British geek culture: Violet Berlin and Andy "Nam Rood" Wear will reunite on the screen for the first time since Bad Influence, Dave "Games Animal" Perry will put in an appearance - as will Consolevania hosts Rab Florence and Ry McLeod. And for the kids, there's some well known YouTube names including Stuart Ashen, Larry Bundy Jr, Paul Gannon and Chris Coltrane, Charlie Brooker, who backed the original crowdfunding campaign, is listed as an executive producer.

The show launches on September 10th on the Digitiser 2000 YouTube channel, and I can't wait.