London to Scotland Sleeper Trains to go Full Travelodge From 2018

By Gary Cutlack on at

Did you know, right, that there's an overnight train that connects London to Scotland? With beds? Proper, lie-down-in, beds? And someone to bring you a cup of tea in the morning? Well there is, and even though the shaver plug sockets have been upgraded and turned into USB outputs in the last year or two, it's all a charmingly old fashioned experience. But that is to change from 2018, when a new fleet of 75 bespoke modern carriages enters service.

The upgraded Caledonian Sleeper carriages feature a new high-end suite option that comes with an en suite bathroom, a double bed and its own toilet, in a quest to offer overnight commuters a more "hotel-style experience" while they traverse the country asleep. A key card entry system, wider and more accessible corridors and doorways, and even Wi-Fi to go on all night to ensure you get no sleep as usual, are also promised.

Travellers not willing to pay the extra money for a cabin and bed are still able to rough it spending seven or eight hours in a chair overnight, with the non-bed carriages featuring redesigned "comfort" seats that may be a little better to sleep in. New franchise owner Serco is putting £150m into the refurb, with the stock -- currently being built in Spain -- set to enter service next spring. [Caledonian Sleeper via BBC]

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