London's 'The Art of Brick: DC Super Heroes' Exhibition is Getting an Extension

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you've been on the London Underground anytime in the past few months, you might have seen adverts for 'The Art of Brick', accompanied by pictures of DC superheroes made out of Lego bricks. Well that exhibition is getting an extension, so you have until 10th September to go and take pictures to bore your non-geeky friends with.

The exhibition is a spin-off of the original Art of Brick, an exhibition by artist Nathan Sawaya that exclusively focused on objects created from blocks of Lego. The Art of Brick went on tour around the world to critical acclaim, leading Sawaya to return with the DC-oriented exhibition that has been in London's South Bank since 1st March.

As you might have guessed from the name, everything in the exhibition is made of Lego and related to the world of DC comics. That includes a life-size Batmobile (5.5 metres), Batman, Superman, the Joker, and, naturally, Wonder Woman.

The exhibition had originally been set to finish up on 3rd September, but the extra week gives you some extra breathing room if you've decided you really want to see what's on offer. It sounds a hell of a lot more exciting than a regular art exhibition, and none of it is made out of rubbish.

You can find the exhibition next to the Rambert Ballet Company near Waterloo train station, or if that's too hard you just need to google Doon Street Car Park. It's open daily from 10am, and tickets cost £16.50 for adults, £11 for kids aged 4-16, and nothing for anyone under the age of four.

You can find out more over on the official website.

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