Magazines Come With Screens Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stuff-to-do magazine Time Out London has yielded to the modern age, with a limited number of this week's edition coming with a physical display screen embedded into its front page.

500 limited edition copies of the magazine were handed out at London train stations yesterday morning, although it doesn't herald a new era in cross-media publishing. All it heralds is that mobile phone network Three was mad enough to pay for the promotion, as the screens form part of an advert for its "Go Binge" ad campaign that wants to tell everyone that Netflix streams aren't counted towards subscribers' mobile data use.

Anyone fortunate enough to get one of the digital editions of the magazine is able to stream footage of Netflix's Glow as their reward, so perhaps Netflix bunged a few quid into the kitty to help pay for it too. [Press Gazette]

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