May The Dorks Be With You: Toshiba Announces Star Wars Themed TV

By James O Malley on at

Are you sick of your world not being being completely owned by the Walt Disney Corporation? You know the feeling: You get home from work and take off your Darth Vader tie, and sit down on your BB8 beanbag to watch Star Wars™ again, like you do every night. But something is bothering you. Even though you've changed into your Rebel pilot uniform and braided your hair to be all swirly on the sides of your head, you still run the risk of catching a glimpse of something that isn't Star Wars™ branded: The bezel around the edge of your TV.

What a nightmare.

So the good news is that today at the IFA show in Berlin - and to tie in with Walt Disney Corporation promotional wheeze Force Friday, Toshiba has announced new Star Wars™-branded TV.

As you can see from the image above, it's a 24-inch Toshiba telly, with all of the smart features and wifi that you'd expect a modern TV to have - but with the frame replaced with some X-wing clip-art. In place of where you'd usually find the manufacturers badge is the Star Wars™ logo. We added the picture of Chewie looking bewildered ourselves, for obvious reasons.

Perhaps the best part though is the press release - in which the poor copywriter who got assigned this did an incredible job of writing as breathlessly as possible about a box, and the fact the TV shows a brief Star Wars™ logo when you switch it on, and shows a brief clip of a storm trooper when you switch it off:

"Becoming a tangible part of the on-screen movie magic, this model draws viewers into the space odyssey action, submerging them into an X-wing mission every time their eyes meet the TV. Framed, decorated and distinguished with hero X-wing starfighters, it sweeps viewers up in a rush of Star Wars excitement."

"Designed to evoke the true power of this legendary story, the TV stirs feelings of nostalgia and anticipation, emblazoning the Star Wars name across the display whenever it is first switched on. Every time the TV is switched off, it closes with a climactic scene of familiar Star Wars sights and sounds, featuring the appearance of a First Order stormtrooper to the accompanying tell-tale low humming sound of a lightsaber"

"A collector’s item, the TV comes in a Star Wars themed box, enabling viewers to revel in the movie experience – even before they open the packaging. Immortalizing a galaxy of heroes, the TV box feature a whole host of much-loved characters"

Pricing and availability is yet to be announced, but those looking to buy one are urged (by Giz) to evaluate their life choices.