Microsoft Just Killed Off The Original Xbox One

By Dave Meikleham on at

If you're a fan of the brick-shaped beast above, but never got around to buying the launch version of Microsoft's video game console, bad news: production of the original Xbox One has finally ceased.


As of yesterday, you can no longer buy the launch model Xbox One from Microsoft's online store, with manufacturing on the ungainly system coming to an end. It's hardly a surprise, really. The much smaller, better looking, and decidedly less jumbo jet-sounding Xbox One S has been out for a year now, and you'd have to be seven different shades of wrongheaded to want buy the original system over Microsoft's svelte, redesigned console.

It's understandable that Microsoft wants to clean house and make the Xbox family as unified as possible. After all, the super powerful Xbox One X hits the UK on November 8th, and having three different flavours of Xbox on the market would no doubt just needlessly confuse consumers.

We'll leave it to our lovely chums over at our sister site Kotaku UK to deliver a fitting, oh so touching requiem for the horribly hefty box:

The Xbox One is no more. It has ceased to be: expired and gone to meet Seamus Blackley. A stiff! Bereft of life it rests in peace! It's off the twig, it's kicked the bucket, it's shuffled off this mortal coil, run up the curtain and joined the bleeding edge of the choir invisible. This is an ex-box!

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