Millennials Are Less Interested in Boobs, says PornHub

By Tom Pritchard on at

If there's anything we know for sure about the human race, it's that heterosexual men are obsessed with breasts. Some might argue that its an evolutionary thing, but the actual reasons are irrelevant. But it looks like those pesky millennials have to be different and special, because according to PornHub young men are less likely to search for boob-related porn.

Big boobs, small boobs, it doesn't matter. They're just not as interested.

Obviously PornHub is only one of literally millions of porn sites on the web. While it's certainly one of the most popular it doesn't count for all web traffic. Maybe millennials are just getting their fill of boobs elsewhere.

Or it could just be that young men have grown up in a time where accessing porn is easier than ever, and are more imaginative as a result. They could know they can be a bit more specific, or users have enough common sense to realise that when women are around boobs usually come along for the ride. So they don't just need to type in "big boobs" like some sort of mindless drone.

Thousands of years of cultural obsession don't just disappear with a single generation, though, and there are still plenty of people looking for boob-related porn. So much that it accounts for 1.5 per cent of PornHub's search traffic.They're not going anywhere anytime soon, and presumably the searches will reflect that.

In the meantime, here's a song by Tim Minchin about how he feels about this particular topic:

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