Mosquito Horror at Ashford International Truck Stop

By Gary Cutlack on at

An outbreak of foreign mosquitos was discovered at a service station in Kent, with authorities suggesting that one lone female mosquito may have sneaked across the channel in a vehicle and launched a brave solo attempt at populating the country with its offspring.

Men in encounter suits from Public Health England were at hand, though, as the department routinely monitors service stations and ports for signs of non-native disease carriers entering the country. The aedes albopictus or Asian tiger mosquito was the one discovered within the belly folds of a driver* at the truck stop in Ashford, and it's OK, people of Kent, as it's extremely unlikely that it was carrying disease as they first need to bite someone who's infected.

Kent public health boss Andrew Scott-Clark said: "The surveillance system has been highly effective in detecting this invasive species and enabled a swift response from Ashford Borough Council to treat the site and ensure this species does not become established. Having been consulted throughout, I can assure people in Kent that this poses no current risk to the public’s health."

Given the species' limited ability to fly, fewer than 10 households in the surrounding area are involved. They're having any "aquatic habitats" in their gardens checked and drained, just to be safe. [GOV]

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