Motorola is Going to Try and Out-Sonos Sonos With the Moto X4 and Tempow Bluetooth

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tempow, a company know for its software-only Bluetooth enhancements, has teamed up with Motorola for the launch of the Moto X4 smartphone - and it looks like they have their sights set on Sonos.

Why you might ask? Well Sonos is best known for its mesh networking, letting you seamlessly connect with speakers around your house to create a multi-room system. What Tempow is doing with the Moto X4 is similar, except it creates a mesh network of Bluetooth audio devices regardless of which company made them. That includes headphones and speakers, with the phone itself offering individual control over each device.

The idea here is to better connect what Tempow considers to be a very fracture Bluetooth market and unlock some untapped potential in Bluetooth devices. The partnership means 5 million Tempow-enabled phones will ship across the world this year, with another 10 million planned for 2018.

Honestly this sounds like a great idea. People obviously want the kind of multi-room system that Sonos (and others) offers, otherwise the company would have died a long time ago. With the Tempow system, however, people can get something similar without having to pay Sonos-tier prices. Only time can show us if it will work as well, or what the overall quality is like, but for now this is exciting stuff.

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