New Email Malware Scam Tries to Lure in Users with Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers

By Dave Meikleham on at

Hackers reeeeeaaally dig Game of Thrones, don't they? The fantasy epic just can't catch a break this year. First hackers stole around 1.TB of data from HBO which outed several Thrones scripts, then entire episodes were leaked through a combination of naughty hacks and the general incompetence of HBO Spain. Following on from all of that Westeros-related unpleasantness, now there's a new email scam doing the rounds that looks to insert bad juju into your PC as it tries to lure you in with GoT spoilers.

Image: HBO

Proofpoint reports it first received these malicious emails on August 10th, and that the targeted campaign looks to install malware on your computer once you click on links that are related to GoT season 7 episodes:

On August 10 Proofpoint detected malicious email messages (Figure 1) purporting to contain unreleased Game of Thrones content. The email used the subject line "Wanna see the Game of Thrones in advance?" These lures are especially relevant since Season 7 of Game of Thrones premiered in July and concludes on Sunday, August 27, and the email claims to contain spoilers for the current season.

The emails contain details of season 7 episodes, which are obviously tempting clickbait considering the finale airs tonight and the whole world has become hopelessly obsessed with White Walkers and dragons. Rather than lead you to a leaked version of the Dragon and the Wolf though, instead these mails come with a Microsoft Word attachment that, if downloaded, installs a '9002' remote access Trojan.

Proofpoint doesn't actually suggest this nasty campaign is related to the previous hacks, but one way or another, HBO must be looking forward to Thrones' off season.

The season 7 finale of Game of Thrones, The Dragon and the Wolf, first airs in the UK at 2 am on Monday morning on Sky Atlantic.

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