Ocado App About to Arrive on Alexa

By Gary Cutlack on at

The bizarre trend for voice controlled home assistants — which hasn't died off at time of writing — is about to receive a boost for adopters in the UK, as posh shopping coordinator Ocado has launched an app for Amazon Alexa.

Meaning the tiny subset of Ocado users who also own an Alexa-compatible device will be able to buy their shopping bit by bit by telling a speaker what they want, like Captain Picard getting his tea but with a 48-hour wait. There is a list of features, which includes adding products to open and existing orders, asking which things are in season as if everything isn't always available from a greenhouse in Costa Rica, and the ability to say "Where's my order?" to the app to check if the van of exciting things is on its way or not.

All fairly fiddly and useless, but there you go. The massive tech companies have decided this actually is useful, so this is what we get. Today is apparently the launch day for the Ocado Alexa app, which should be available through Amazon somewhere.

A man from Ocado said something enthusiastic about it seeing as his job depends upon it not going the way of the Fire Phone, explaining: "Consumer demand for increasingly convenient ways to shop is growing rapidly and we’re excited to be the first supermarket in the UK to offer this technology, making customers’ lives ever easier. Alexa will add any item to your Ocado basket simply by asking her to do so. It’s as easy as that."

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