One Leg of This Year's Tour of Britain is Going to Start in a Town That Has Banned Cyclists

By Tom Pritchard on at

Regardless of whether you curse cyclists on a daily basis, a lycra-wearing red-light skipping two wheeled menace, or just someone who prefers to travel in something other than a car, you have to admit this story is pretty funny. The fourth day of this year's Tour of Britain is set to begin in central Mansfield - a town that ordinarily bans cyclists from its streets.

Mansfield District Council has been enforcing the ban since last year, in an attempt to curb anti social behaviour. And presumably deal with the cyclists who think the rules don't apply to them. While riding a two-wheeler is against the law, the rules state that cyclists can dismount and wheel their bikes around instead.

Presumably this particular rule will be lifted for anyone participating in the race, although watching cyclists start the race on foot might make for some amusing television.

The Tour of Britain is set to start in Edinburgh on 3rd September, and will run finish in Cardiff a week later. The Mansfield leg of the race will take place on September 6th. [London Evening Standard]

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