Paying 10p For a Posh Carrier Bag Revulses Tesco Customers into Change

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tesco is about to bin the cheap 5p plastic bag option it currently offers, meaning only the posher, thicker, Bag for Life choice will remain for people who didn't bring a big enough rucksack for their crisps and cheese.

A trial of this swap in a handful of branches convinced the company it's a good idea, as customers were apparently so horrified of the doubling of checkout carrier bag prices that they used fewer of them -- stuffing their food into their pockets and eating it all right there instead, as if about to take their shopping home on an EasyJet flight.

Despite the plastic bag charge that was introduced in 2015, Tesco still shifts a staggering 700 million of them each year. The trial saw 25 per cent fewer being bought by shoppers, so, if replicated nationally, that ought to be well over a hundred million bags that won't end up in landfill, the sea, or the kitchen drawers of the nation.

The switch kicks in on August 28, so you might want to stock up on them before that date if you've become reliant upon them as mini bin liners. [Tesco]

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