Phone Storage for Digital Railcards is Coming This Autumn

By Gary Cutlack on at

Any national railcards that you're young enough to have or travel enough to have will soon be able to be stored digitally, with a system to let train travellers store their discount-enablers in a smartphone app finally ready to launch.

The plan will only cover national railcards, mind, so any local/family/offpeak offers you may have on the go won't be able to go digital. What should be covered, though, is the hugely popular 16-25 "Young Person" Railcard railcard, plus the Network Railcard railcard, and any other national railcard railcards you might use.

There would appear to be an element of account and server storage available too, as you're probably already wondering what happens when your phone dies and an angry ticket inspector wants to see proof you do indeed own the relevant card or you and your rucksack are getting thrown off at Preston.

The Rail Delivery Group says that "...customers who lose their phones or run out of battery can swap a digital Railcard to another mobile device quickly and easily," so you might end up having to borrow someone else's phone to sign in and display your card when your device is flat. [RDG via Mirror]

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