Pineapples Banned from Main UK Festivals

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Reading and Leeds festivals have added a few items to the 2017 banned list, with the most unusual of all being the pineapple. But why? Because after loads of random drugs they may look like hand grenades? Are they considered blunt weapons? Is it some sort of crackdown on foodstuffs with a high glycemic index?

Look, pineapples are really on the banned list, and officially more dangerous than a poorly assembled gazebo:

Apparently it's because of a song young people listen to. It's called Pork Soda by the band Glass Animals, and has something about pineapples in it. So, to stop everyone waving pineapples around during the number and potentially hurting each other, they've been banned.

Although, as with everything these days, it might just be a joke designed to generate publicity that we've erroneously taken seriously and/or can't be bothered to check. [Reading Festival via Sky News]

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