Renowned Kodi Add-on Developer MetalKettle is Calling it a Day

By Tom Pritchard on at

Kodi has been getting a lot of press recently, and mainly for the wrong reasons. Despite the fact that the software is completely legal and mostly innocent, it's become synonymous with streaming piracy thanks to a number of dodgy unaffiliated add-ons that let people watch premium TV channels without paying.

The ongoing fight against those add-ons is going further than just blocking streams and arresting fully-loaded set-top box dealers. Thanks to ongoing legal issues faced by a number of add-ons, some of the developers behind them are retiring - including the renowned MetalKettle who has decided to call it quits.

MetalKettle doesn't seem to be completely innocent in this, having gained a reputation for high quality streaming add-ons over the years. On top of that his named was attached to an add-on repository that became a go-to location for many users hoping to get their stream on. Some of his add-ons include (but are not limited to) UK Turks, UKTV Again, Xmovies8, Cartoons8, Toonmania, TV Mix, Sports Mix, Live Mix, Watch1080p, and MovieHut.

It's worth noting that this activity wasn't condoned by the people behind Kodi, and eventually led to him being placed on the official repository blacklist for providing unauthorised access to premium content. That shouldn't be any surprise, considering how open Kodi's developers have been about their disdain for the illegal add-ons sullying their reputation.

MetalKettle released a statement about his retirement, which was published over at TorrentFreak:

"Over the past year or so Kodi has become more mainstream and public we’ve all seen the actions of others become highlighted legally, with authorities determined to target 3rd party addons making traction. This has eventually caused me to consider ‘what if?’ – the result of which never ends well in my mind.

With all this said I have decided to actively give up 3rd party addon development (at least for the time being) and concentrate on being a husband and father."

From the sounds of things he's not counting himself out of the game for good, but for the time being he's keeping his head down. It's a fairly wise move, given how much legal scrutiny Kodi faces these days, even if there are people out there who will mourn the loss. [TorrentFreak]

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