Research Claims London is the Least Neighbourly Place in the UK, Surprising Nobody

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you're in the North of England, and you say hello to someone in a shop they'll usually say hello back. In London you'll get stared at, like you've wandered into their house uninvited, pulled up a chair at the dinner table and asked for a plate. So it should be no surprise that London has just been named least neighbourly place in the UK.

According to research by Nextdoor, a social network designed to connect people with their neighbours, 68 per cent of Londoners claim not to know their neighbour very well - if at all. 16 per cent of those questioned didn't even know their neighbours' names. Londoners were also the least likely to want their deliveries left with a neighbour, with 64 per cent claiming they wouldn't want it happening given a choice.

The West Midlands, Wales, and Yorkshire were found to be the most neighbourly areas, but as a whole the research claims the UK is "sleepwalking towards the slow death of our neighbourhoods". On average 60% of people would not feel able to borrow a cup or sugar from their neighbours [who even does this anyway? - Ed], and around 75 per cent wouldn't let neighbours look after their pets when they went on holiday.

18-24 year olds were the loneliest age group, according to the results.

Nextdoor launched in the UK with the help of Former Downing Street adviser Max Chambers, and the idea behind publishing the results is to encourage people to go out and get to know their neighbours better. The 'share a cuppa' pledge is being carried out in conjunction between Nextdoor, Neighbourhood Watch, charity The Challenge. [London Evening Standard]

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