Samsung Firmware Update Bricks its Own TVs

By Gary Cutlack on at

TVs branded with the ludicrous model numbers of UE49MU7070, UE40MU6100 and UE50MU6100K by Samsung are breaking across the country right now, as a firmware update issued by Samsung is bringing them grinding to a halt.

A variety of complaints are piling up on Samsung's UK support boards, where users of the TVs — some only bought a couple of weeks ago — are listing their problems that kicked in when the update applied itself. Issues range from extreme cases of literally not even turning now on to slightly less disastrous problems of getting stuck on one channel or the remote failing to work, with Samsung's help operatives simply saying they're aware of the issue and there will soon be a fix to fix it.

So how do you apply a patch to a TV that won't even turn on any more? An engineer comes out with a USB stick, that's how, although one user of the Samsung forum who had the engineer visit said it... didn't work. [Samsung]

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