Samsung Shoehorns AI Assistants into Washing Machines

By Gary Cutlack on at

We have in our inbox an email from Samsung, announcing the existence of the WW8800M. It's a £1600 washing machine, basically, which justifies that exorbitant price tag by mentioning both the Internet of Things and a built-in AI assistant in the spec sheet.

Amazingly, Samsung says its model comes with an "AI-powered laundry assistant" called Q-rator, that has the ability to suggest the optimal wash cycle for what you've just stuffed in, should you be bothered enough to tell the machine what you've just stuffed in, as it's not clever enough to detect sock colours by itself yet. This AI assistant also monitors the machine, apparently telling users about potential problems. It's also "IoT-ready" in some way, although Samsung doesn't explain how this might be implemented.

Another thing that makes zero sense is Samsung's assertion that the machine's fastest 39-minute cycle reduces the amount of time it takes to do the washing and gives its owners "...more time to enjoy life." That's ridiculous as the only time that's being saved from a quicker washing machine cycle is the washing machine's own time, as it's not like the human has to supervise the process. At least the washing machine has more time to sit there and relax, talking things over with its AI buddy.

Anyway, what this really means it's about to be IFA time of year, when all the companies get excited about innovation in kettles, toasters and vacuum cleaners, so prepare for much more of everything having AI and IoT and costing twice as much as a result. [Samsung]

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