Samsung's Galaxy S8 is Now Compatible with Google Daydream

By Tom Pritchard on at

Samsung's Gear VR may have got into the mobile VR game first, though Google's Daydream isn't letting a little thing like that stand in its way. Anyone serious about mobile VR will have had to decide which system is best, and purchase the right phone as a result.

Or they did, because yesterday afternoon Google announced that the Galaxy S8 is now compatible with Daydream VR.

We knew this was going to happen eventually, because Google announced Samsung would be taking part in the Daydream programme at I/O 2016. Google also announced that Daydream support would be coming to the S8 at this year's I/O. Now that day has finally arrived. If you haven't had the update yet be patient, since software rollouts can take a long time to get to everyone.

I'm just interested to see if Samsung's VR remote is compatible with Daydream, or if Gear VR owners will have to pay for Google's remote to enjoy all the mobile VR they can get. I doubt it would be an official thing, but surely someone out there can create an app to make it happen? [Google via TechRadar]