Scottish Panda in Zookeeper "Near-Miss"

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the pandas staying in the Edinburgh Zoo bedsit very nearly found itself in a position to have something a bit meatier alongside its traditional diet, as a door-opening mix up led to a member of zoo staff getting caught in the panda's enclosure while the beast was out and about.

The incident, captured on CCTV, was revealed via a freedom of information request placed with the local council, with the zoo later forced to confirm the event from 2016. The image shows a female member of staff walking out of the door with the large panda no more than a metre behind her, as a result of the animal being released back into its room prematurely during a routine clean up.

The revelation was accompanied by an email from staff to managers where they warned of plummeting morale at the zoo and a perceived lack of health and safety training for employees, and added that the panda "...could have escaped into the public area" during the door confusion incident.

Other animal escapes from Edinburgh over the last few years discovered via FOI request include a bull and a red panda, plus the tale of a bright red ibis that managed to evade capture for four days after flying out through a hole in netting thought to have been chewed by squirrels. [BBC]

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