Screen Time Helps Your Kid Become a Future Genius IT Warrior, Says ex-GCHQ Boss

By Gary Cutlack on at

Robert Hannigan, the former boss of security/spying hotbed GCHQ, has waded into the debate about excess screen time for children. In short, he thinks it's great as there's a small chance that some rectangle-eyed 12-year-old YouTube addict could turn out to be the cyber-defender this country may need in the future.

Speaking in the Telegraph, Hannigan said: "If you are spending a disproportionate amount of your holiday unsuccessfully attempting to separate your children from WiFi or their digital devices, do not despair. Your poor parenting may be helping them and saving the country."

This extreme logic leap is not ultimate approval for your children to do nothing more than guffaw at YouTube imbeciles for 16 hours a day, mind, as he'd like to see more interactive use of screens rather than passive watching. More "inquisitive discovery" is what teachers and parents should be encouraging, which presumably means gently prodding them into coding so they may one day get a nice job working for the government. [Telegraph via ITV News]

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