Self-Driving Car Problem SOLVED... by Man in Car Seat Costume

By Gary Cutlack on at

An amazing new self-driving car was spotted out and about in the US over the weekend, and it stunned pedestrians by appearing to follow the rules of the road, not shit itself about shadows and balloons, while also appearing to be a normal vehicle without cameras and sensors all over it.

But it was not a cutting-edge new development being stealth-tested by a tech giant around the urban testbed of Arlington, Virginia. It was a man wearing a car seat costume and driving with his hands on his lap. It tricked quite a lot of people...

...and it took a brave citizen journalist to uncover the scam/joke by poking a camera into the vehicle and getting a glimpse of the car seat-costumed driver's legs poking out of the fake upholstery. [Guardian]

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