Show Your Disdain for Brexit With This Overpriced EU Flag Hoodie

By Tom Pritchard on at

Big fan of that whole 'European Union' thing, and utterly disgusted with the mere suggestion of Brexit? You're probably trying to hide from the reality of the current situation, and what better way to do it than spend £750 on hoodie proudly displaying the EU flag?

The blue hoodie, adorned with a circle of 12 gold stars and a Euro symbol, was made by fashion label Vetements, and is available to buy at Browns. The retailer describes the garment as a "blue and yellow Vetements flag printed hooded sweatshirt [that] will Remain on your back all season."

Remain on your back, geddit? Because only people who voted remain would even consider buying this.

If you were already struggling to find someone a birthday present (or Christmas if they're as difficult to buy for as my mum), this totally worth spending all your money on. If they voted remain they'll probably like it, and if they voted leave it'll be a hilarious gag gift.

Obviously a much better gift than something useful, like a 4K TV or 3,000 Freddo bars. [London Evening Standard]

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