Siri Can Now Do Your Barclays Banking For You

By Kim Snaith on at

If you fall into the centre of a Venn diagram that covers Barclays bank customers and iPhone users, then I've got some great (?) news for you: you can now instruct Siri to make payments for you.

Barclays' latest iOS app has added a new feature that integrates Siri into your banking activities — so commanding the AI assistant to make a payment should be as easy as saying "Siri, pay Bob five pounds with Barclays". Barclays has specified that the exact wording shouldn't be a problem, as long as your request states the amount, the recipient and specifies 'Barclays'. It's a feature that PayPal introduced back in November, but Barclays is the UK first bank to roll out the functionality.

Like most mobile banking tools, though, the breadth of Siri's abilities are locked behind numerous security gates. For instance, you can only make payments to people you've already paid before (unless they're in your iPhone contacts), and you'll need to use TouchID to confirm any transaction. Handy to know that a random stranger can't ask Siri to send them all your money, at least.

It's pretty cool, I suppose, if opening up your Barclays app and pushing a few buttons feels like too much effort. If you're the sort of person who regularly makes use of Siri, the robot trapped inside your phone, then it's another useful function to add to its toolbox.

If you've got an iPhone and bank with Barclays, all you need to do is download Barclays Mobile Banking app to get started. [9to5Mac]

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