Sky Guarantees Minimum Fibre Speed for New Buyers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Potential new signer-uppers to Sky's Fibre Max superfast broadband product have a nice little carrot dangling in front of them today, as the ISP part of the broadcaster is now guaranteeing a minimum connection speed for joiners.

The small print explains that anyone signing up to a Fibre Max product that doesn't hit a speed of 55Mb within the first month of connection is in money back territory, with the network agreeing to refund setup costs and return any spend on the broadband, line rental and its Talk calling bundle elements. Customers will also be able to bin the entire contract in a sulk with no termination fees if it's really life-alteringly slow, or move down to a cheaper but slower Sky bundle, if that fits the line better.

Proof will be required in the form of a speedtest carried out by Sky's own broadband checker, accessed through the customer portal.

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