Sky Q's Dolby Atmos Support Arrives Just in Time for the Football Season

By Tom Pritchard on at

A few weeks ago, when Sky announced its own soundbar, it was revealed that Dolby Atmos support was coming to Sky Q. At the time the broadcaster wouldn't say when it was arriving, other than an unhelpful 'summer' release window. That's changed, because support will be arriving on the service for tomorrow, when Arsenal faces off against Leicester.

Now that Sky has its own dedicated Premier League channel, Sky Q customers who subscribe to Sky Sports, have a 2TB Q Box, and a Sky Q multiroom subscription will be able to enjoy the superior sound quality Dolby Atmos has to offer. Provided, of course, they actually have Atmos-compatible speakers. That's certainly a lot of pre-requisites just to get some better sound. Do you even need better sound if you're watching overpaid men kick a ball around a grass field?

Well if you have all that, and care about football sounds, you'll be pleased to know that 124 live games will come with Atmos sound, plus the Ultra HD 4K resolution people get when they pay for Sky Q. It's a bit later than BT subscribers, who've had Atmos support for a while, but they only get 42 live Premier League matches.

Sky also announced that Sky Q customers who miss the start of a game will be able to use the red button to go back to the beginning - starting from kick-off with the option to skip ahead to key moments if they feel like it. [Sky via Engadget]

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