Smart Motorways = a Bit of Orange Paint

By Gary Cutlack on at

Highways England has come up with a new thing it can do in order to use the words "smart" when talking about roads. It's painting some lumps of the hard shoulder bright orange, as it thinks this might reassure drivers that they're driving down some sort of modern neon futuristic speedway where nothing bad will ever happen because of AI and apps.

They call them smart motorway emergency areas, and the idea behind making them orange is to first make them easier to spot, but to also subconsciously tell drivers that they're only to be driven on in actual emergencies, and not when little Timmy needs a wee wee or dad overdid it at the last service station and could really do with a sneaky poo.

The first one's live and the paint's dry and everything, and can be found on the anti-clockwise bit of the M25 between junctions 25 and 24.

Highways England boss Jim O'Sullivan used the word smart, saying: "This is just one of the ways we are helping drivers to understand smart motorways and their benefits. I hope it helps drivers feel more confident about using a smart motorway." [GOV]

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