Some Bees Hate Being Around Other Stupid Bees

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists looking at bees for something to do have found a subset of the group that appear to hate interacting with other bees, suggesting that these unusually antisocial bees have a similar genetic profile to people who suffer from disorders on the autism spectrum.

The full report is packed with long words, but seems to say in science language that around 14 per cent of the bees it tracked failed to respond in the manner they're supposed to, with these grumpy, unresponsive bees still tolerated by their hives as the others recognise them as part of the team despite their antisocial leanings.

The science bit says that a set of human genes believed to be responsible for autism spectrum and other mental issues are also present and active in the bees, meaning there's some hugely deep and distant genetic similarity between us and the little honey producers. [Science]

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