Star Trek's Khan Might be Getting his Own Spin-Off

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in June it was revealed that Star Trek alumnus Nicholas Meyer, best known for directing The Wrath of Khan, was working on a new Star Trek series completely unrelated to the upcoming Discovery. Well now we might have an idea, because word is he's been developing a spin-off focussing on Khan Noonien Singh.

The same Khan that tried to takeover Earth, and *spoiler alert* went on a quest for vengeance that ended up with the death of Spock.

According to a report from Geek Exchange, Meyer's series will cover the time between the original series episode Space Seed (series 1, episodes 2) and the The Wrath of Khan. That would mean there's an 18 year gap to cover, according to dates on Memory Alpha. Plus, as anyone who saw the film would know, Khan and co didn't have a particularly pleasant experience in that time.

When contacted by Inverse, Meyer kept quiet about the rumours - only saying that he "Khannot possibly comment". Something could be read into that, but then again he could be deliberately messing with people.

Whatever happens, the fact that Meyer is making a series will have gone down well with trekkies and Trekkers alike. After all he did direct and co-write Star Treks II and VI, which are widely regarded as two of the best Trek films out there. With the lukewarm reception Discovery has been getting prior to its premiere, fans could probably do with a win.

Let's just hope this one is played by someone who actually looks like Ricardo Montalbán. Not Benedict Cumberbatch. [Geek Exchange via Screenrant]

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