Stupid Woodpeckers are Destroying Electricity Poles

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bunch of stupid woodpeckers who live in East Anglia are being blamed for masses of damage that's been caused to electricity poles, with the local power company saying that around 6,000 poles have had nest holes drilled into them in the last year.

Despite smelling of preservatives and not having any leaves, the idiotic woodpeckers think they're trees and are making the wooden poles their homes, leading network administrator UK Power Networks to test a special kind of wood filler that contains a scent that scares off the birds.

Ian Cameron from UK Power Networks said: "We trialled a new product developed in the United States that fills the holes and emits a harmless scent to persuade woodpeckers to pick a more suitable home. We think it’s a perfect way of ensuring that we’re keeping our customers’ lights on while respecting the wildlife population."

The woodpeckers are protected in the UK as there's not as many of them as there's supposed to be, so any holes found with nests and eggs in them have to be left alone. No chicks are entombed in bad-smelling filler. [UK Power Networks via BBC]

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