Swimming Pool Uses Wave Machine to Break up Swimmer's Vomit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Is this a great idea or not? We suppose it depends on if you were in the pool or not at the time and if your job involves being responsible for cleaning up sick or not. Unfortunately for Steve Wiseman and his two grandchildren they were in the pool at the time, and were not impressed by the improvised cleaning method employed by Cleethorpes Leisure Centre.

Wiseman told the Grimsby Telegraph that he saw a woman puke in the pool, which had staff baffled about how to get it out. He explained: "We heard a manager was called to the pool. But they could not decide what to do. All he did was send a lifeguard into the pool to scoop out the lumps. Then he ordered the wave machine to be switched on to stir it up."

And all was well as far as people who didn't know or see what had happened were concerned. A pool spokesperson didn't expand upon the form of action taken, only saying that they followed all industry and safety guidelines and that the disinfectant in the water would've made it all safe. [Grimsby Telegraph]

Image credit: Visit Cleethorpes

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