TalkTalk's Releasing a Simple TV Remote Designed for Kids

By Tom Pritchard on at

When I was a child I wasn't allowed the remote. This was before the days of parental locks on everything, and because my parents paid for satellite TV I would've been able to watch whatever the hell I liked if left unsupervised. These days that's not exactly a problem, and the latest company to join the kid-friendly-TV services bandwagon is TalkTalk.

Rather than opting for a mobile app like YouTube, Sky or CBBC, the telecoms company has instead opted for a kid-friendly space on its TV service - powered by the new Kids TV Remote which launches tomorrow.

The remote is £5 and designed to be as simple as possible, unlike most TV remotes you get these days. If you pay for the £5 a month kids' TV package, one press of the button will open up Kids Zone where they can watch all the child-friendly TV programmes they like. The only way to get out is to enter a pre-set unlock code on the main remote, which means your kids can browse and watch at their own leisure without the risk of them accidentally opening up Babestation.

Parents also have control over everything that goes on in Kids Zone as well. The can hide certain programmes they don't want their kids watching, or set time limits to avoid turning the TV into a permanent babysitter (or staying up past bedtime). The good thing about that is that if a show ends shortly before the timer runs out, the TV won't let the child in question watch another episode and risk being cut off halfway through. [Engadget]

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