The Game of Thrones Finale Broke Viewership Records Again

By Tom Pritchard on at

What a difference not having an episode leaked makes, right? It turns out the final episode of Game of Thrones season 7 was a record breaker over in the US, because a whopping 12.1 million people watched it live.

The previous record had been held by episode four, better known as the first episode that leaked this year, with 10.2 million viewers. That episode just narrowly beat the season 7 premiere, which pulled in 10.1 million people. Who knows what sort of numbers the fourth episode could've had if it hadn't leaked?

We may never know, but it probably wouldn't have been this high. It was the finale, after all, and a lot of people will have been desperate to see it as soon as possible. Lest they have that epic final scene ruined for them, when it turns out that the Night's King is actually Ned Stark's vengeful twin who is somehow thousands of years older than everyone else.

While 12.1 million is a lot, those are only the people who watched the episode on their TVs. When streaming services were taken into account, the total is around 16.5 million. Obviously that doesn't include simulcast figures either, so the true global number will have been even higher.

That record is probably going to stick around until the eighth season comes to air (however long away that may be), unless a different programme can start picking up similar levels of mass-popularity in its wake. [Ubergizmo]

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