The Government Has it in for Pizzas Next

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government's health thinktank is preparing to launch a new series of finger-wagging attacks on the food the nation eats, with war about to be declared on the calorie content of pizzas, ready meals and burgers.

Public Health England is behind the move, which is, like the sugar tax, trying to lessen the growth of childhood obesity in the country. The plan is to limit the "overconsumption of calories" that comes from mass produced food that's just too nice for its own good, with the department warning that adults and children in the UK currently eat around 200 to 300 extra calories than actually needed. Hence getting a bit fat.

PHE's Duncan Selbie said: "A third of children leave primary school overweight or obese and an excess of calories – not just excess sugar consumption -- is the root cause of this. We will work with the food companies and retailers to tackle this as the next critical step in combating our childhood obesity problem."

It'll all start in 2018 when a consultation with the food industry will launch, with the results being used to create a calorie reduction programme to save the future kids from being all flabby. [PHE via BBC]

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