The Holiday Map is Dying as We Hold Phones in Front of Everything Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

Guidebooks and maps and scribbled directions to the cheapest noodles in town are on the way out, it seems, as travellers give up on researching their holiday in favour of getting their phone out upon arrival and hoping for the best.

This is according to people asked in complete confidence by Carphone Warehouse, which says that 45 per cent people of people braving the world of abroad don't bother with a map any more, as surely their magical smartphones will do it all when they get there. Online reviews and mobile phone hotel and restaurant booking options are also helping a generation travel without a copy of the relevant Lonely Planet guidebook, as we'd rather trust the crowd's opinion on TripAdvisor than what a journalist thought about somewhere five years ago.

All of this is basically designed to advertise a roaming map the company has put together, which shows potential border-crossers where that can go and use their mobiles on a roaming package that won't cost any extra. If you want South America, French Guiana is the only place to be for some reason. [Roaming Map]

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