The Note 8 Won't Fit Current Gear VR Headsets, so Samsung's Releasing a New One

By Tom Pritchard on at

Did you hear? Samsung's releasing a new phone. Shocking, I know. While the Note 8 is all flashy, shiny, and exciting, there is a big problem. It won't fit in existing Gear VR headsets, so if you want both you'll have to go out and buy a brand new headset.

Other than the fact it can accommodate the larger phone, there doesn't appear to be any major change to the new headset. Engadget reports that the controller has had some tweaks. It's larger and lost the volume controls, but that's about it. Both are backwards compatible too, so if you have an older Galaxy handset and haven't invested in VR yet then you won't be left out.

That said, the older headsets will probably start getting discounted, so maybe keep an eye out for some good deals.

The new Gear VR and controller bundle will cost $130 (about £101), and is set to be released on 15th September alongside the new phone [Engadget]

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