The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit Has the Money to Continue its Kodi-Busting Operations (and More) Until 2019

By Tom Pritchard on at

The UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit just got additional £3.2 million of funding from the Intellectual Property Office, which is enough to see its operations continue until 2019.

In case you didn't already know, the PIPCU is a London-based police operation designed to tackle copyright infringement - something that is rarely dealt with by the regular police force. While the operation does deal with the problem of counterfeiting, it plays a large role in dealing with copyright infringement online.

Since it was launched in 2013, the PIPCU has received £5.56 million in public funding. This money has been used to deal with a variety of cases, including warning torrent sites to shut down, actually shutting down defiant sites, seizing domains, shutting down streaming sites and services, arresting the people who run them, and disrupting advertising revenue for any sites that encourage piracy.

The latest batch of funding (£3 million) only funded the unit up until this month, though Law Gazette has confirmed that it will be going nowhere - much to the chagrin of copyright thieves across the UK. That funding will pay for the unit's operations between 1st July 2017 (which has already passed) and 30th June 2019.

One of the biggest issues the PIPCU is currently dealing with are the 'fully-loaded' Kodi set-top boxes that let users access pirate streams without paying for it (and without having to learn how to set everything up themselves). This has been in conjunction with FACT, Sky, Virgin, BT, and The Premier League. While TorrentFreak reports that the last publicised operation was in February of this year, the fact that streams have been disrupted and sellers are continuing to be arrested means someone is still working against the pirates.

So pirates beware, the PIPCU isn't going anywhere which means you should watch your backs. [Law Gazette via Torrent Freak]

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