The Walnut-less Walnut Whip is 2017's Latest Food Catastrophe

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a new food thing to be angry about, and this one attacks old people favourite the Walnut Whip. Due to a perfect storm combination of higher walnut prices, exchange rate fluctuations, poor harvests and increasing levels of nut allergies in the developed world, there's now a version of it WITHOUT THE WALNUT.

Treat maker Nestle is behind the latest confectionary abomination, which will be sold alongside the nut-topped version under the name of simply Whip, seeing as the defining feature has gone. Nestle says it's all about giving the masses more choices of thing to mindlessly consume triple packs of, but it's hard to see the dropping of a key element, the cornerstone of the sweets of old, as anything other than a cost-cutting method, akin to the pyroclastic cloud that destroyed the Toblerone peaks in 2016.

There's also going to be a mint Whip and a caramel Whip to try too, if you're not planning on adding the shocking nutless variety of Walnut Whip to your personal list of reasons to boycott everything by Nestle. [Nestle]

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