The Week in Geek: Legends of Tomorrow, Shazam, Captain Marvel, and More

By Tom Pritchard on at

This week in geek includes good and bad news about Constantine joining Legends of Tomorrow, Samuel L Jackon on Captain Marvel, the direction of the Shazam movie, and more.

Captain Marvel

You know how Marvel said Samuel L Jackson would return to the role of Nick Fury in Captain Marvel? Well it looks like nobody bothered to tell Jackson that, because he found out by reading the news online. He also told Fandango that having two eyes in the film would make it easier to learn his lines:

There's also a rumour that Mar-Vell, the Kree hero who held the mantle of Captain Marvel before Carol Danvers, will appear in the film. MCU Exchange claims to have heard about a leaked script, and that it mentions Danvers will be maintaining a like to Mar-Vell in the film, even if their relationship isn't quite the same as it is in the comics. The site also claims that the Psyche-Magnitron machine, and like the comics it's supposed to be adding Kree DNA to Danvers' DNA - bestowing her with superpowers in the process. It will also have the added side effect of halting her ageing, which will explain why she hasn't noticeably aged between the '90s, when the film is set, and future films.

Legends of Tomorrow

The third series of Legends of Tomorrow is on the way, and we know of at least one new cast member: Zari Adrianna Tomaz/Isis, a muslim hacker from the future who will be played by Tala Ashe. Well her inclusion at a time when anti-muslim sentiment has been making a resurgence in the US is no coincidence. That's according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim while speaking during a press tour for the Television Critics Association.

“You might have heard there was this election. Not to get political, but something that we all gravitated toward in the writers room was making this character Muslim.”

He also added an anecdote about his muslim sister in law

“She was talking about how difficult it is to be a Muslim-American in the current political climate. Having a character who’s a computer hacker and is from the future but also happens to be Muslim, it’s a nice, important aspect of her character.”

In the comics Isis is a hero that also happens to have supernatural abilities, and that's something that's going to pop up a lot over the course of the new series according to executive producer Phil Klemmer:

"At the head of whatever you want to call our evil organisation, it’s different. Last year it was three characters from the three different shows that form this alliance. This is a non-human entity. This is a much more supernatural, spooky vibe this season. We’re dealing more with magic. It’s less real-world bad guys."

Apparently Neal McDonough's Damien Darhk will be in a leadership role of the new organisation, but a different version of Darhk compared to the one we saw last year in the Legion of Doom. The magical aspect also brought up the status of Matt Ryan's Constantine, star of his own (shamefully cancelled) series, and one-time Arrow guest star. Klemmer claims that the show is "actively campaigning" to include Constantine, something Marc Guggenheim had previously mentioned at San Diego Comic Con. It sounds like it all hinges on how busy Matt Ryan actually is.

Finally, it's been revealed that Flash villain Gorilla Grodd is going to be on the show as well, as will Ray Palmer's no-good, stinking brother Sidney.


The DCEU is known for its dark and sombre tone, which is obviously based on the success of the Dark Knight trilogy. Well one upcoming film isn't going down the path laid out by Zack Snyder. According to director David Sandberg, Shazam will be the most light-hearted DCEU film to date. Telling theToronto Sun:

“The big attraction for me with that character is the fact that every kid dreams of being Superman, right? I mean I certainly did, and (Billy Batson) is a kid that gets that chance. He gets to become the superhero. So, it’ll be big with superpowers in a way. In terms of what people can expect, I think this will be one of the more fun or lighthearted movies so far in the DC universe. It certainly will be a departure.”


Originally called Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, according to IGN the upcoming reboot is dropping the subtitle. So now it's just called Hellboy. The film is already in pre-production, but filming hasn't begun, so it's not clear whether the former tituler Blood Queen will have a role in the film.

Oh and the last actor to play Big Red, Ron Perlman, has clarified any talk that he might have a cameo in the film. The answer is no.

X-Men Dark Phoenix

After all those rumours, The Martian actress Jessica Chastain has confirmed via Instagram that she is in the upcoming X-Men film Dark Phoenix.

While it doesn't confirm the rumours that she's playing Lilandra, villainous empress of the Shi'ar empire, it seems all the more likely now.

Marvel Legacy

Jason Aaron, writer for Marvel's upcoming Legacy series, has revealed Legacy #1's first page.

Deadpool 2

This week we got our first look at Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2, which is due to arrive next year.

Note the Deadpool-skin rug.

SuperBroMovies also has a close-up, showcasing her trademark eye (though doesn't seem to be a tattoo) and the fact she has heterochromia

Agents of SHIELD

The Kree may be returning to Agents of SHIELD, thanks to an Instagram video by Chloe Bennet. Towards the end of the video you can see someone walk past in a trench coat and blue makeup, which would indicate that they are returning in some capacity. Or Michael Rooker still hasn't taken off his Guardians makeup, and somehow got on set. It would make sense, though. Captain Marvel (due in 2019) is set to heavily feature the Kree, and the race had a direct role in the creation of the Inhumans - who are getting their own TV series later this year.

Emily Van Camp, who played Sharon Carter in the last two Captain America movies revealed during the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour she was also supposed to guest star on the show, but things never worked out.

“I think it was discussed, but I was working on Revenge at the time.”

She also answered on whether or not she would appear in Captain Marvel.

“No idea. You guys put it out there. With Marvel, they can give you a call the day before you shoot. You don’t know what’s going on with their movies because they’re very secretive."

The Flash

Another DC hero is coming to The Flash, with Hartley Sawyer joining the show in a recurring role as The Elongated Man. Ralph Dibney is a fast-talking PI with excellent detective skills, plus the power to stretch his body ala Mr Fantastic.