The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's cliche to moan about the weather, but where did Summer go? I know more than one person who's resorted to putting the heating on in recent weeks. I've had to put on slippers while I'm working because my feet are too cold. What gives? My bills are expensive enough without having to worry about all that.

If you're not struggling to stay warm in what should be a toasty month, make sure to check out this week's list of apps.


Free: Android

Customisation is one of the key bonuses of having an Android phone, and while launchers are everywhere people all have to deal with the same app icons cluttering up the homescreen. Adapticons lets you create fresh-looking icons for your homescreen in just a few clicks. You can make sure everything has the same shape and design, apply a bunch of effects, and more.

Advance Password Manager

Free: Windows

If you can never remember your passwords because of all those god damn rules, you might be looking for a password manager. It couples security and peace of mind, provided the password manager itself doesn't get hacked. This one automatically remembers your details, and fills them in for you later. It also stores credit card information for online shopping, lets you add notes, and syncs across all your browsers.


Free: Android | iOS

This one is a free app designed to help you pick which photos are going to be popular. The algorithms give your photos a score, helping you pick out the best one - and then suggests ways you can improve it. Whether that means filters, adding art, transforming the image, and so on. It's also completely free, so no need to worry about subscriptions or hidden charges.


Free: Windows

This one is for those of you still using Edge, and value your privacy online. Ghostery stops various different trackers from keeping tabs on your web browsing, even if it's not a full ad blocker. It can also stop auto-playing media, and eases up the amount of data ads use, and more.

KODAK Reel Film

Free: Android | iOS

If you prefer to watch films that have been filmed and projected with actual film (rather than digital) for whatever hipster reason, then this is the app you need. KODAK's Reel Film helps you fight cinemas and theatres that actually use film projectors, so you can go and enjoy them.


Free: Android

Have you ever wanted to paint or tag things, but have never had it in you to actually commit the crime? LandmARk might be the one for you. It's an augmented reality app that lets you add graffiti to the real world, but without causing permanent damage or requiring you to buy a bunch of paint. It uses geolocation too, so that graffiti is going to stay there after you've got bored and wandered off.

Next Up Comedy (Update)

Subscription: Android | iOS

A streaming service for stand-up comedy fans, letting them stream a number of specially curated videos and specials designed to get you giggling. The latest update features offline playback, a carousel of featured content, and changes to the button design. There's a seven day free trial, after which it's £4 a month. Alternatively you can pay £45 for a full year and save yourself £3.


Subscription: Android | iOS

A family assistant that helps you organise everything, so you actually have time to spend with your family. It comes with a real-time locator for tracking family members wherever they are, to-do lists, a shared calendar, a shopping list, meal planners, and more. All the tools you need to keep everything running smoothly, all in one place. Most features are free, but some of them will require a subscription. That's £8.49 a month, or £53 for the year.

Ulysses (Update)

Subscription: iOS

Ulysses is a writing app designed to be effective, simple, and focused, with various tools, syncing, and file exporting options. It just got updated, and now can sync across all your Apple devices on a single subscription, a 14-day free trial, and various new subscription options that make it more affordable than before.