The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Note 8 just got announced, the iPhone 8 is just around the corner, and to top it off IFA is next week - a time when all the tech companies unveil random home appliances with the same fanfare as a flagship smartphone. Because people clearly care about having Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or whatever else on their washing machines. Personally I'd just like a cheap one that works, and doesn't need me to hit the door to get it going.

But while we all get excited about the stuff on show in Berlin, here's this week's batch of mobile apps.

Enjoy Brick

Free: Windows

One for the Lego fans, acting as a database for all the Lego sets, models, and pieces that have been released over the years. You can search by year, theme, set name, or set number, with a functional favourites list, an updateable catalogue, and a converter so you can convert standard measurement units into Lego-specific ones (like bricks or studs).

File Manager by Astro (Update)

Free: Android

File managers are such useful things, especially if your phone isn't made by Google and has an SD card slot. This one lets you manage files, zip and unzip folders, convert files, and move them around between your phone and SD card. It also lets you hop between your local storage and cloud storage, and functions as a download manager. The latest update improves the relationship with Dropbox, and redesigns the whole app. That means it's nice and new for you when you download it onto your device.

KoMoot (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

One for the outdoorsy people, letting them plan hikes and cycle routes through the great outdoors. It just got a hefty update that brings native iPad support, more detailed information about your route and current position (altitude, points of interest, opening hours and more), a navigation display that syncs with the current landscape, and so much more.

Mirage World

Free: iOS

An AR app for adding cartoony virtual elements (known as mirages) onto the real world, for the amusement of you and everyone around you. Like virtual graffiti, but with 3D effects. It's pretty simple, and pretty silly, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with it!

Office Lens

Free: Android | iOS

Microsoft's scanning app, letting you turn documents, whiteboards, and more into PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files. The latest update lets it scan multiple images at once, and premium features that can be unlocked by making a free account. That includes 5GB of OneDrive space, OCR text extraction, and the option to save in multiple file formats.


Free (with in-app purchases): iOS

A personalised packing list, helping you pack for your trips and holidays, ensuring you don't forget anything - and ensuring you don't have any handwritten lists getting lost. The list is based on your destination, chosen activities, and travel dates. That means you don't actually have to do anything, and don't accidentally forget to add something to your list.


Free: Android

If you're a wizened world traveller, you might have trouble keeping tabs on all the places you've visited. If you've ever seen those maps that let you scratch off the countries you've visited, Travellite will seem familiar. It's the same concept, but in virtual form - highlighting your travel destinations on one big map. It even has a journal so you can record everything you did and saw.

Wakeout (Update)

Free (with subscription): iOS

Designed to help you wake up with a collection of exercises you can do straight out of bed. The app says that it's not really for working out, but by using your pillow as a weight you can supposedly energise yourself for the day ahead. This latest update makes big improvement to the UI on iPads, and includes a collection of new exercises for Pro subscribers.