This AR App Turns New York Subway Ads Into Art

By Tom Pritchard on at

Advertising is everywhere. On the street, in magazines, and even on our computers. One place they're very prominent is on public transport - especially New York's subway system. People have been trying to take back the Subway for years, but now developers have come up with a novel approach: an AR app that turns the ads into artwork.

Seeing as people generally don't wander around using their phone as a window to the world, the app isn't really an 'ad-block' per se, but rather a way of helping to spice up adverts that people wouldn't normally want to see. As the video above mentions it's starting off with 50 artists, though that number will increase to effectively turn the New York Subway into an extensive art gallery.

Obviously it only works with ads in New York, but there's always room for expansion to other big cities. If you're ever in New York and want to try it out, it's available on Android and iOS.

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