This Star Wars Timeline Brings Back a Legendary Style

By Julie Muncy on at

There are a lot of things I miss from the old Star Wars Legends timeline. Kyle Katarn. Synthetic lightsaber crystals. Mara Jade. But what I really pine for are the timelines.

An old-school Star Wars timeline. (Credit: Random House Books)

They used to come with nearly every Star Wars novel: these detailed, artfully arranged timeline charts showing where every book in Del Rey’s extensive line of novels situated itself in relation to the broader chronology of the universe. They had a particular minimalist look about them that I’ve always admired, all heavy black lines and clever little symbols. Just looking at the image of o ne reminds me of the smell of old, cheap paperbacks.

The new canon novels still have those timelines — even in snazzy interactive form! —but they don’t have the same artsy sheen to them anymore. Fortunately, Reddit user SenatorConfer has filled the gap with this pitch-perfect recreation of the old style with the new stories. Not just the books, mind you. All of them, from Marvel’s comics to the films to the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront II video game. Check it out below.

Image Credit: SenatorConfer via Reddit

SenatorConfer’s timeline is a reminder of how big the new canon has already become even without straying much from the time immediately surrounding the films. And it also reminds me that we need more Ahsoka Tano solo material. You can click through for the full-size thing here.